Every person has the right to be heard and understood irrespective of experiencing additional needs. The expertise of The Autism Consortium professionals is such that we are able to use our skills in communication, emotional, and behavioural management that may impact upon a person’s ability to communicate their needs effectively. We can then facilitate and enable a person to deliver their message in whichever modality they can, in a manner that retains self-esteem and increases confidence.

A detailed understanding of an individual’s autism profile is the starting point — understanding the impact of their own life experiences, and how these come together to create each individual’s pattern of thinking and communication style.

The Autism Consortium provides advocacy on behalf of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and all additional needs, including communication and psychological support for all legal services including:

  • Youth Offending
  • The Prison Service
  • Family Proceedings
  • Safe-guarding (Child and Adult Protection) services.

We are able to work directly with individuals and groups of individuals to ensure that their thoughts and opinions are effectively heard.