The Autism Consortium professionals are able to undertake Consultancy work; our expertise is best placed working with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions, Social Communication Disorders, and challenging and unhelpful behaviours.

It may be that you need a Consultant to advise for particular situations, exclusion, safeguarding and Tribunal, for example, or for a defined time-limited piece of work to coach and mentor staff members/teams.

We are able to provide services for:

  • Individuals  (1:1 with feedback to staff)
  • Particular groups of children and adults (assessment, observation, and feedback)
  • A  ‘whole-school’ strategy  (implementing change; for example, in the visual nature and structure of the school, inclusion, cultural change, implementing new SEN policy)

Each professional’s expertise varies according to their profession and experience. We are able to offer a high-quality service from knowledgeable and highly skilled Consultants.