Coordinated service delivery

The Autism Consortium is able to provide multi-disciplinary assessment and intervention services to work in partnership with Local Authorities and Education for time-limited periods.

Whilst we are committed to completing ‘project-based interventions’, sometimes services cannot be topic lead, but are needed to:

  • Bring about change in culture
  • In the outcomes for individuals
  • To re-configure a service
  • To develop a new service

The Autism Consortium provides coordinated multi-disciplinary Outreach Services to support children in mainstream schools in a new and innovative way which ensures that children in mainstream schools get the level of support, assessment, and intervention that they require. It ensures that Teaching Assistants, teaching, and Special Education Needs staff also feel supported, and can reliably gain Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Art Therapy, and Psychological and behavioural support for the children included and learning with their mainstream peers.