Consultancy and Advocacy

Our daily rate for Consultants are highly competitive; task plans will be discussed in detail so that our Consultant’s work is streamlined and time efficient. Our Consultancy fee is £400.00 per day.

Clinical Services

Therapy sessions are 45 minutes in length and are charged at £70.00 per session.

Assessment with Written report and Therapy plan is £300.00.

Full formal assessment across home and school environment, prepared for Educational Tribunal is £450.00.

Attendance at Tribunal is based upon our Consultancy daily rate.


Training is charged at £600.00 per day and workshops at £300.00 for a half-day session.

Projects and Coordinated Service Delivery

The cost of providing a project varies according to the detail of the project plan, the number of professionals involved, and numbers of participants. Please contact Louise Elliott for further discussion so that a individualised plan and costs can be sent.