Why are we?

The Consortium was formed in recognition that effective knowledge, information, practice, assessment and intervention is widely needed for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions.

We all, as expert professionals, have found we need to find new and bespoke pathways to disseminate good and evidence-based practice to front-line staff. This includes delivering that practice ourselves by offering coaching, mentoring, and demonstration first hand, and through workshops, as well as providing training. We believe in moving on from the current climate of ‘autism awareness’, instead committing ourselves to ensuring ‘autism competence’ so that inclusion in school and society is effectively achieved.

It has become evident for Clinicians that, at a certain point in our careers, the local and traditional offer often no longer supports the delivery of our skills and that so often, for children and adults, we can see a pathway to change through the provision of effective therapy which we are not able to deliver.

In our eyes that is not acceptable and we must therefore find a way forward to ensure that current research and evidence-based therapy approaches make it to front-line staff through direct intervention and have a positive impact in the lives of people with Autism and Social Communications Disorders.