Training and workshops

Accredited Training

  • Elklan “Communication and Verbal Children with ASD”
    A 10-week Elklan training offered via weekly 2 hour twilight sessions. Attendees also need to complete homework each week which is accredited by the Accentis Ltd.This course is fantastic value for money, covering all aspects of Autism for children who are verbal and most likely being supported in mainstream school, it teaches use of all well known strategies for the classroom, including mindmaps, visual supports and structures, social communication stories, the BLANK language levels, managing behaviour and how to write a communication plan. It is an essential course of all Teaching Assistants, Teachers and Special Needs/Inclusion Teaching Teams (SENCo’s and their assistants).The 10-week course costs £375.00 per person and includes your Accentis Course fees.

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    Please contact Louise Elliott to register. Please click here to see details of the course content and home-learning expectation.

Training developed by The Autism Consortium Experts

    • Autism Competence: Moving from Autism Awareness
      Attendees will revise Autism Spectrum Disorder and current research and will leave with an understanding of a range of strategies;a greater depth of knowledge about how to work with and help children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to success at school and in adult life.
    • Communication and Autism Spectrum Conditions
      Attendees will learn about the communication profile of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, current research and its implications so that they can implement practical strategies for individuals as well as whole school communication strategies to promote inclusion.
    • Managing Unhelpful Behaviours
      Attendees will learn how to analyse behaviours which are challenging and unhelpful to both the individual involved and the staff team. We willlearn the basic concepts of applied behaviour analysis and time will be given to reflect upon individual cases and a behaviour management plan with strategies to try will be developed.
    • Class-based Strategies and Visual Supports
      The team will share ‘whole school’ and individualised visual supports that assist people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to function in their everyday lives, ensuring greater routine and predictability thus decreasing anxiety. Attendees will learn about timetables and social stories as well as how to visual their environment, with opportunities to experience how to develop these visuals themselves.
    • Sensory Sensitivities and Autism Spectrum Conditions
      Sensory processing difficulties and sensitivities have a major impact upon children’s readiness to learn and for all people to function and participate in everyday life. Attendees will learn about the senses, deficits, regulation issues and how to devise and implement sensory diets and circuits in order to ameliorate the impact of these for the people they work with.


Interactive workshops are a 3 hour ‘space’  to discuss specific cases, or groups of children within a particular context; for example children with ASD who are exhibiting unhelpful behaviour. It is a space to discuss, reflect and develop ‘whole school/service’ plans for children as well as develop staff strategies to manage and progress with these children.

The aim is to assist the children to operate successfully at school and remain within their educational placement and where they cannot, to assist thinking to help children to move on in a planned and successful way.